Which Hair Extensions Are Best For You?

April 12, 2016

Once you've made the decision to get hair extensions, you may then find yourself wondering about which type of fitting method to use. It can seem a little daunting at first, especially if this is your first time. With that in mind, we're going to talk you through the different options you have, and some of the key pro's and con's for each.

Tape In Hair Extensions

Tape is currently the most popular option for applying your extensions. This method involves double-sided tape being applied between two sections of your natural hair. A quick, easy and pain-free process, the tape extension lies flat and comfortably in your hair, and won't damage your natural strands.

Time of Application – Quick application, and simple to remove.

Treat Like Your Own Hair – Easy to maintain and can be washed and styled as normal.

Longevity – Semi-permanent and last anywhere from 6-12 weeks.

Micro Ring Application 

Micro Ring / Stick Tip Hair extensions are quickly becoming the favourite type of fitting for hair extensions. Applied strand by strand by clamping your hair with a micro ring, these are safe and almost invisible in your hair as the rings are usually 5mm in size. These are also a great option for those who wear their hair up often.

Less damaging – These hair extensions do not use any adhesive, and are better for your natural hair.

Longevity – When properly cared for, these extensions will last from four to six months depending on the hair extension type and brand and also the hair care routine you have for your hair extensions.

Natural Looking – Micro ring hair extensions are very natural looking and extremely secure.

Keratin Bond Extensions 

Keratin bonded hair extensions are strands of hair which are attached to your hair using a heat connector. The bond is the part holding the extension hair to your own hair. The extension is now fused with your natural hair at the root, relatively close to your scalp to create a seamless blend with your natural hair.

Lots of Choice – The hair is widely available in many different grades, they can add length, colour, volume.

No Messing – The hair comes pre-bonded already and ready to use with the adhesives attached.

Longevity – Can be worn for 3-6 months at a time depending on the hair type, brand and aftercare.

Suitable for Everyone – Often used on short hair, you would just need a lot of extensions to fill the volume.

Clip-In Hair Extensions  

Clip-in hair extensions are fantastic if you want a temporary style change. They are extensions that are clipped into the hair to create a temporary hair effect, so you can easily create the length and/or volume that you would like with these types of hair extensions. Clip-ins are the most popular type of extensions for the simple reason that there they are minimal fuss and so easy to apply.

No damage – Providing these are put in and taken out correctly, these won’t harm your hair.

Cost – No cost to have them fitted.

Temporary – Instant results you can remove whenever you like, meaning you can change your look and style as often as you want.

Sewn In Weave

Sewn in weaves are another option for fitting your hair extensions. A qualified extensionist should always be used, and they will create 2 or 3 cornrows into your hair either diagonally or horizontally across the back of your head. The weft of hair is then sewn onto the braid in your hair tightly. Your hair stylist should advise on how many rows you will need depending on how thick you would like the hair. 

Fast Results –Can take up to 2-3 hours depending on the thickness and weight of the design. Perfect for women who love to change their looks up and get instant results.

Instant Length – Women with shorter hair may not want to wait months or even years for their hair to grow out. Similarly, some women may have received a haircut that is shorter than they wanted. In these cases, a hair weave is a great solution; you’ll be able to get the length, without having to wait for your natural hair to grow. 

Natural Hair Protection - After years of colouring and styling, hair can become weak and damaged. A hair weave can help protect your natural hair. Binding it into the braids means it takes all the abuse of styling tools and products. Some women even find that when their hair is damaged to the point of breaking, a weave can help them gain some of their hair strength back.


No matter what type of hair extensions you have fitted, remember the most important thing when wearing them is after-care! A good after-care routine will pro-long the life of human hair extensions and make sure they are kept nourished, conditioned, well-groomed and healthy. 


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