How to Attach a Half Head Wig Hair Piece

February 24, 2016

Half head wigs can seem tricky and confusing when it comes to fitting them BUT these are one of the easiest kind of hair pieces to fit! Check out our step by step guide below for easy, stress free fitting that will have you looking transformed in MINUTES (Literally about 3!!) 

Thing you will need: 

  • Back Combing Brush
  • Hair Extension Brush
  • Kirby Grips

(None of these are essential but is recommended to make it a bit easier!)

Step One: 

To start, determine how your own hair will sit – if your hair is short, this will be ok to tie in to a ponytail, if your hair is longer then simply pull it to the back. 

Step Two: 

Pull the hair piece over your head to around 3-4 inches from the start of your hair line (this little bit of hair will be used later so ensure this is kept free until the end). Using the flexicomb on the hair piece, slide this in to the hair and ensure the grip is strong enough.

Step Three: 

Using the lower flexicomb at the bottom of the hair piece, slide this in to the hair that is just above the nape of the neck. For added security, you can clip in small kirby grips to ensure the hair piece is on tight and does not slip although half head wigs are usually quite secure alone. 

Step Four: 

Now we are going to blend the seam of the hair piece at the top of the hair using the loose bit of hair. This bit is entirely up to you and what style you are looking to achieve – for an uber glam look, then back comb the loose hair over the seam of the half head wig, and spray some hairspray. For a more natural, chic look, use one of our plaitted headbands to cover the seam, this will look natural, effortless and gorgeous!

Now you know how to fit a half head wig within minutes!


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