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April 30, 2016 2 min read

How to care for your hair extensions is crucial, good aftercare can help keep your extensions looking and feeling better for longer! Hair extensions are very delicate and require some maintenance and care. Follow these tips and guidelines to ensure you get the most from your new set of hair extensions!


People often get scared of brushing their new hair extensions, scared that they might get tangled, come loose and even damaged. The truth is, these need to be brushed regularly, to prevent tangling and any harm. Make sure you always use a soft bristle hair extension brush or a loop brush as this will prevent any snagging and pull of the hair,  the key is to be gentle.


Always wash your hair extensions with care! We recommend washing your hair extensions no more than once. Over washing will cause them to dry out, and look damaged.  Here are a few tips on washing hair extensions:

  • For pre bonded hair extensions, always use a SULPHATE FREE shampoo and conditioner and avoid the roots/bonds, this is because a sulphate solution may remove the bonds.
  • For clip in hair extensions and wefts, we recommend a mild shampoo such as a balance PH baby shampoo.
  • ALWAYS use treatments such as Hair Mask, Argan Oil, Heat Protection spray, and deep conditioners only on the ends, on towel dried.
  • Always wash your hair upright – never dangle your head upside down and frequently brush your hair and get knots out while washing.
  • Towel dry your hair in a stroking motion, as opposed to rubbing and allow it to dry naturally – if you can!


Knowing how to store your hair extensions is ESSENTIAL! Clip ins should be hung up overnight, or kept safe in one of our Hair Extension Storage bags – NEVER sleep in clip ins. For those with pre-bonded hair extensions and wefts, brush your hair thoroughly but softly, before bed and tie up in a loose low ponytail.


Are you buying synthetic hair? Human Hair? Remy Hair? Heat Resistant? Make sure you are fully informed of everything there is to know about your hair extensions so that you can research and care for them adequately.